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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your efforts to help keep local control over sand mines.

The Senate Committee on Workforce, Development, Forestry, Mining and Revenue voted this week to pass Senate Bill 632 out of committee. This means the bill could be scheduled for a vote of the full Senate as early as next Tuesday.

Below is a statement I released following the committee vote:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   

March 5, 2014                                                                                         

 Statement from Sen. Vinehout on Committee Passage of Senate Bill 632

Bill stripping local control passes on split vote

“This bill creates a legal quagmire for counties and towns who may not be able to stop a frac sand mine or regulate an existing mine.  In the past few days I have spoken with several attorneys, including some who work for the legislature, who agree with my interpretation of the bill.  I am vigorously pursuing a clarification of this bill.

I ask all county officials who were not consulted by their lobbyist to get in touch with their association and their legislators.  People should express their opinion about this loss of local control.  What we’ve seen in various counties is that elected officials may make one decision, but the voters have the last say.”

  # # #

Senate Bill 632 is a complex and confusing piece of legislation that removes local ability to stop a sand mine once the owners register the mineral deposit. It scales back other local abilities to regulate mines and invalidates portions of existing ordinances while freezing in time the regulations on existing mines.

Please contact western Wisconsin legislators and, if you are a member, your state association to let them know who you feel about this bill.

We are entering the final weeks of this legislative session. The tentative schedule is for the full Senate to be in session on March 11, 13, 18, 20 and possibly the first week of April. Many bills will be passed in these final session days.

Please let elected officials know how SB 632 will affect your community. For your information, I attached my testimony on SB 623.

I appreciate your advocacy on this issue.


Kathleen Vinehout ~ State Senator ~ 31st Senate District

Voters for Vinehout

P.O. Box 1274
Eau Claire, WI 54702