WiscNet: Less Expensive, Fast Internet for Public Institutions

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                DECEMBER 18, 2012

“WiscNet was created to bring low cost internet to public entities,” said Senator Kathleen
Vinehout in reaction to release of an audit examining the service.

For two decades the public has invested in bringing low cost internet to public schools,
counties, Technical Colleges and libraries. The recent audit detailed the service, its
operations, and its relationship to the University of Wisconsin.

“The audit shows three quarters of Wisconsin public schools are taking advantage of
WiscNet to achieve reliable, quality internet services,” said Vinehout. “Two recent grants
will further lower internet costs for some local schools, governments and health care
institutions including those in the Chippewa Valley.”

The report also details the history of WiscNet as developed in cooperation with the
University of Wisconsin. The report points out changes made in the Governor’s last
budget directing WiscNet to separate from the UW system effective July 2013.

“It makes no sense to take the UW out of the equation in the administration of WiscNet,”
said Vinehout. “The system is clearly working for our schools and local government.”

“Low cost internet for public entities is clearly in the public’s interest,” Vinehout concluded.

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