What is Sen. Vinehout’s position on collective bargaining?

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What is Sen. Vinehout’s position on collective bargaining for public and private employees

I am a strong supporter of collective bargaining for both private and public employees. Collective bargaining and workers’ rights are part of the American way of doing things. They are essential to democracy and essential to a well run workplace.

Collective bargaining has been common in the private sector for more than 100 years, and law in the public sector for 50 years. It has served us well during that period, giving workers a way to participate in decisions and a voice in determining wages and working conditions.

Throughout history it has been organized workers who have brought down dictators. Communist domination of Eastern Europe and Russia began to crumble when the shipyard workers in Gdansk joined together in saying “enough”.

I come from a union family. My father was a laborer. Where I taught in college, I was an officer of the AFT local. As Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Higher Education I worked hard to pass legislation that gave university faculty and staff the right to collectively bargain. A right Governor Walker stripped in Act 10.

As Senator I voted to increase the minimum wage, to prohibit public funding of union busting, and to pass the Wage Protection Act. As Governor I would veto any right-to-work legislation.

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