What is Sen. Vinehout’s position on women’s health issues?

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What is Sen. Vinehout’s position on abortion, contraception and other women’s health issues?
(This statement refers to the laws that were in effect in 2007)

In the words of Bill Clinton, abortion should be “legal, safe and rare.” The decision is one for the individual woman to make. I support current law and would not add further restrictions.

Policies that result in increased use of contraceptives and more factual knowledge of sex will lower the number of abortions. As state Senator, I voted to protect the state’s family planning system, the Family Planning Waiver, funding for Planned Parenthood, and testing and treatment for breast and cervical cancer.

I voted for the Healthy Youth Act that requires sex education taught in Wisconsin to be medically-accurate, age-appropriate, and comprehensive, and intensely fought the repeal of this Act in the Senate Education Committee this past year.

I voted for the Expedited Partner Therapy Act intended to reduce the rate of STDs by allowing a provider to dispense a second round of antibiotics for the partner of a patient being treated.

I voted for the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims Act that requires hospitals to provide rape victims with information on and access to emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy after an assault.

I voted to require insurance plans that cover prescriptions to also cover prescription contraceptives and to require pharmacies to dispense prescription birth control.

I voted to fund  life-saving diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer for low income women, and to expand the Family Planning Waiver that provides family planning and preventative health care for low income women and men.

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