What if the state budget doesn’t reinstate collective bargaining?

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Mar 10, 2012 No Comments ›› admin

Will Sen. Vinehout veto any state budget that does not reinstate collective bargaining?

I will work to see collective bargaining for public employees reinstated long before the budget passes. I wouldn’t rule out vetoing the budget as a last resort, but I think it’s a flawed strategy for two reasons. First there is broad public support for collective bargaining. When the Ohio legislature repealed collective bargaining last year it was restored in a state-wide referendum by more than 60% of the voters. Collective bargaining is much more likely to pass as a separate “stand alone” bill than combined with anything else. I will work to get this done very early in the next legislative session. Attaching the budget to collective bargaining will make restoring collective bargaining more difficult, not less difficult.

Second, the strategy is flawed because it is based on the common misconception that the ‘budget has to pass’. In many other states and the federal government that is true. Without a budget government closes down. In Wisconsin, however, if there is no new budget, the old budget continues and stays in place. There is no government shut down. No emergency is created.

If a budget does not pass, the only effect is to keep the current Walker budget in place. I don’t know very many people who want that.

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