If Sen. Vinehout is elected Governor what will be her top priorities?

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If Senator Vinehout is elected Governor what will be her top policy priorities?

Supporting education at all levels with sufficient funds, distributed in a fair manner. Providing a transparent system of accountability for all schools – including voucher and charter schools.

Bringing the management of the state funded health programs into the 21st century. This includes identifying costs drivers, measuring results and helping people make informed health care decisions.

Setting up affordable health insurance exchanges to make health insurance available at a reasonable cost to individuals, farmers, and small businesses.

Managing the state in a way that focuses on customer service and efficiency. Agency leaders and state workers must respect the public and focus on solving problems. Managers and administrators must respect the workers and involve them in solving the problems of the state. All must respect that taxpayers want their money’s worth. Inefficiency and waste must not be tolerated. Streamlining state government is no small task. Far too long the state has relied on outside contractors who sometimes function with little oversight and few enforced quality standards. This will change under my administration.

Undoing the extensive damage of the Walker initiatives, beginning with restoring collective bargaining, environmental and consumer protections, voting rights, and civil service standards, and reversing the centralization of authority in the Governor’s Office and the Department of Administration.

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