How has a diverse background prepared you to be Governor?

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How has dairy farming, teaching college students, and being a state Senator prepared you to be Governor?

As a dairy farmer, I learned to be patient and frugal. As a professor, I learned that facts matter. As a state Senator I learned that other points of view and the democratic process must to be respected.

My life experiences are different from other candidates. I will bring a different perspective to the Governor’s office.  I come from a union family, my father was a Laborer and I was an officer in my AFT local.  I see the world from a different vantage point, a vantage point gained from ten years teaching health care administration at the university level and ten years running the family dairy farm and milking cows at the udder level.  I am not afraid to get my hands dirty, my boots muddy, or to tell it like it is. I don’t need to be on ‘Undercover Boss’ to discover that the professionals who do the work of an agency often know more about what is going on than the people in the front office.

From being in the Senate, I know state government.  I know what has to be done. I have taken an active role in all the major issues facing our state: the budget, health care, school funding and government effectiveness.  I have not been afraid to propose answers.  Last spring I wrote an alternative to Governor Walker’s budget; I designed an affordable health care exchange; and the school superintendents across the state in 2010 said I had done more for education than any other Legislator.  The homework is done and I am ready to take it to the Governor’s office.

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