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Published – Thursday, October 28, 2010

By Pete Peterson, Tomah

The buzz word in recent elections has been “Common Sense.” I’m sure you have all heard the cry to elect ___________ to the office of __________ (you fill in the blanks) because they will bring common sense to they office they are pursuing.

As the incumbent representing the 31st Senate District, Kathleen Vinehout has consistently displayed a common-sense approach during her first term as this district’s state Senator. A look at some of her accomplishments during her first term showed unequalled depth and concern for her constituent’s of the district.

Senator Vinehout:

* Sponsored and passed the most extensive change in the way the state regulates the individual insurance market through a comprehensive five-point program designed to control insurance companies thus protecting individual consumers.

* Helped local schools with a Sparsity Aid Grant program that gave financial help to smaller, rural school districts. Her efforts on this program earned Kathleen the 2010 Legislator of the Year award from the statewide School Administrators Association.

* Protected the environment. Kathleen has worked to protect the Great Lakes, reauthorize the Warren Knowles Stewardship Land Preservation program, provide grants and loans for renewable energy projects, restrict the use of mercury, and provide for the recycling of oil, computers and other electronic waste. For this she was named a “Conservation Champion” by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

* Supported consumers by leading the fight against the effort by AT&T to deregulate cable and video service.

* Promoted agriculture and family farms; as chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Higher Education, she has been instrumental in protecting farm land in Wisconsin. She worked hard to protect key funding for agriculture programs.

* Senator Vinehout honors and supports the state’s veterans, fights to keep Higher Education strong and affordable, provides leadership in creating accountability as a member of the Legislature’s Special Committee on Economic Development Programs. Successful efforts in this area include increased tax credits for start-up businesses, creating technology centers at state universities, and establishing a revolving loan fund to help manufacturing plants retool.

* Senator Vinehout has been instrumental in helping our local governments by paying attention to their needs to secure funding for vital services, change funding formulas and reduce the burden of local property tax payers. One large example in this area is increased reimbursements to county nursing homes.

* She stands up to the leaders in the legislature by doing what is right while representing the people of our district.

As a leader and doer, she is an advocate for the good of the people of the state of Wisconsin and District 31. During her first term she earned many awards across the state since her election in 2007. Her service has been noteworthy. She is very deserving of the opportunity to continue to retain her seat for a second term in the state Senate.

On Nov. 2, cast your vote for Kathleen Vinehout.

Here’s the link to the Tomah Journal Letter

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